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Latin Carduelis spinus | English Siskin | Frysian Syske | Pronunciation Sees 

“It is a trusting, sociable and active bird.”


As a professional Animal Carer and Human Geographer my work life so far has been interesting and versatile. I love to travel and learn more about people in different societies but one of my greatest passions is caring for animals. I’ve worked in various veterinary clinics in the Netherlands for ten years, and after that for several years in the International Development sector (both in the Netherlands and abroad). However, I was never able to withstand to take home my little “projects” (read: old, sick cats). Thus, in 2016 I found it was about time to professionalise my services and start my own caring company. In this I want to combine caring for other people’s pets in my own personal and flexible way and caring for animals who haven’t found a home yet, such as dogs in animal shelters, and pets of elderly who can’t give their companion animals the exercise they need. You can read more about these initiatives under philosophy.

As a Human Geographer I have traveled the world researching (indigenous) people's relation to their natural environment, livestock and wildlife in respectively India, Kenya and Zanzibar.

I am currently in the process of getting my Veterinary Nursing diplomas, obtained in the Netherlands, registered in the United Kingdom so that I can practise Veterinary Nursing care here.


Next to all of this, I will remain a person who wants to change the world, albeit in a more personal way than before. I believe we can make the world a bit more harmonious by showing and sharing compassion and inner peace. Yoga is one of the many ways of doing so and that is why I chose to give yoga- and meditation classes. Although I used to have a hate-love relationship with yoga, I now really love it.

I am schooled in traditional Hatha yoga and my classes will be focussed on flowing movements, alignment, breathing and practical -non-floaty- meditation.