Pronunciation Cease | Latin Carduelis spinus | English Siskin | Frysian Syske |

“It is a trusting, sociable and active bird.” 


As a professional animal carer and social scientist, my work life so far has been varied. I love to travel and learn more about people in different societies. As a human geographer, I researched indigenous people's relation to their natural environment, livestock and wildlife in India, Kenya and Zanzibar. However, my greatest passion is caring for animals.

While working in various veterinary clinics in the Netherlands and then the international development sector, I was never able to resist taking home my little 'projects' (read: old, sick cats). This is why, in 2016 I found it was about time to professionalise my services and start my own caring company. Through this, I combine caring for people’s pets in my own personal and flexible way and connecting people with each other.


I am an advocate for our ecosystems and believe we need to protect, rather than neglect them. This is why I work according to strict standards to do no harm to our natural environment, mitigate climate change and support  organisations that work towards a greener future. 


In my constant effort of self-development, I'm currently studying 'End of life care' in order to provide more specialist care to elderly animals and support their carers. Furthermore, I'm in the process of setting up a social network of pet parents and socially marginalised groups, so that we can connect and broaden our own horizons.

Doing research in Tamil Nadu, India: Street dogs always know where to find me