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My approach of caretaking is always personal, with a lot of Tender, Love and Care (TLC). I do not use a uniform way of caring and treating. You and your pet's welfare are my main focus and I will adjust according to your animal's needs. You can always contact me for special requests.

When I take your dog to the park or forest, we’ll have an amazing walk, preferably without a leash and lots of play. When he is brought back home, he'll be dried, has a nice snack and a cuddle and be tired and contented when you get home.

If your cat needs insulin, no problem! I’ll take my time with her and she won’t notice a thing.

What if you already have a pack? Say your dog and your neighbours dog really get along well and you want them to go on a walk together. It’s all good, I can take them both! Just let me know and we’ll schedule in a walk for a plus one rate.


Whenever you need someone to give your dog or cat insulin unexpectedly, you can call me. I can almost guarantee that I will be able to provide the service.


With almost ten years of experience in normal and emergency clinics, I have vast veterinary care knowledge and a keen eye for hidden aches or uncomfortableness. So, if I catch anything during a walk or a cuddle, I’ll let you know and we’ll try to find a solution asap. 

Combining my skills as a yoga teacher, cat behaviourist and animal caretaker, my focus is always on letting the animal practise its natural behaviour in a relaxed setting, where both the owner and animal are content. 

Stray animals always know how to find me.