April 3, 2020

Hey hey!

It has been a while since you’ve heard from me, mainly because I haven’t been writing much lately, but possibly because my emails end up in your spam folder. Something beyond my understanding has changed with my web hosting, which has set off the spam-alert minions at many of your email providers, so please take a few seconds to find one of my emails in your spam folder, open it and click on the ‘no spam’ button. I’ll wait….

Okay, thanks for doing that! Let’s continue.

So, it’s been a whil...

April 3, 2020

Let’s step forward again to mid March 2020. Corona virus is coming our way and I’ve only just decided to work less. People talk about a total lockdown as most people are already working from home where they can. I can’t. I need to be outside to be able to walk dogs. I need to go into homes to pick them up, drop them off with colleagues’ and touch about 862 door handles in the meantime. I decide to keep on working until my ‘Body says No’ or Boris does. “Body” was the first to put things to a halt...

April 3, 2020

It’s so easy to have an idea (or lots, in my case) and keep them to yourself for as long as possible, so that other people don’t run away with it or worse: you wait until the plan is perfect before even thinking of implementation. I hope for my ideas to have a bigger social effect than my personal success, so I decide to put two of them out there, for you to add to, think with me, help out and join!

Vision 1 PETwork

I envision a platform where dog parents can be linked up with elderly people, disa...

April 3, 2018

Last Christmas I lost the grand dame of the Sies Petcare & Yoga family, Liselott. A feisty little ol’ lady with wavy hair who stole the hearts of many people and had the curious habit of turning into a puppy when approached by her boy toy Chumpie, in confrontation with a denta stick and while cuddling with her parents and me.

She was the first dog I walked on a regular basis in London and she grew to be one of my best friends and part of my collection of muses.

Every time I lose one of the animals...

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