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April 3, 2018

Last Christmas I lost the grand dame of the Sies Petcare & Yoga family, Liselott. A feisty little ol’ lady with wavy hair who stole the hearts of many people and had the curious habit of turning into a puppy when approached by her boy toy Chumpie, in confrontation with a denta stick and while cuddling with her parents and me.

She was the first dog I walked on a regular basis in London and she grew to be one of my best friends and part of my collection of muses.

Every time I lose one of the animals...

September 25, 2017

That feeling of no longer being a twenty-something with its insecurities and floaty-ness and now actually being a “grown-up” person, grounded and contented in her own skin, whilst still looking 20, was wonderful since the moment it started – today exactly one year and a day ago. Yesterday, my 32nd year on this earth started, time to take a moment and reflect.

The last year has been a rollercoaster ride. I gave up my comfortable, grand apartment in Amsterdam, my 9-5 job and basically, gave up on A...

May 12, 2017

A few weeks ago, on a Thursday, I started my journey towards Wandsworth where I teach a weekly Flow + Meditation class. It wasn’t a particularly special day, until something unexpected happened. Here an account of a yogi's (not always very Zen-like) mind.

[Breathe in] Just hangin’ out with my good old bicycle, my trusted steel horse for many years.

[Breathe out] I do have to be careful today as I forgot my helmet at Wandsworth after yesterday’s class!

[Breathe in] Note to self: Be aware of any traf...

March 26, 2017

Just when I thought that the move to London had changed my giant, explosive-at-the-vet, fur-ball into a polite British kitty, his actions in this morning’s consult quickly proved me wrong.
Normally, a vet consult is impossible with Lewis; no cat behaviourist can change that. Whilst he is a little lamb at home, he won’t and never will let himself be touched by a fellow white-coat wearer.

This veterinary consult was different: she could fondle him all over as he acted like a rag doll*. So, when the...

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