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February 21, 2017

As I see it, Yoga (or rather, Asanas) is all about straight, strong lines. Tweaking the body into a pose to create one long line from pinkie toe to pinkie finger or from tail bone to the crown of your head, to create space in the body for the organs, breath and Prana – or life force.

The reason I first got into yoga was my interest in getting a good posture, which I found through practising the Alexander Technique whilst still living in Amsterdam. This method is based on getting rid of wrong habi...

February 7, 2017

Disclaimer: I realise it’s very ironic that I am using a social media outlet to jot down these words and ideas. It’s even more ironic that I am using another social media outlet to reach out to colleagues and friends to try to make a difference and to get their input. However, at this moment, it is the only way I see possible to create a discourse.

Last weekend my partner and I had a catch-up with a friend who told us he had recently de-activated his Facebook account. He thought it wasn’t good fo...

February 2, 2017

Lewie, J. and I have been living in London now for two months: Yay!!

Some things I noticed about this city and the UK which are different to the Netherlands and/or Amsterdam:

1. The English take saying 'Please' after a question very seriously. I got some good Pavlov training after every question I ask. It sometimes takes a second or two, but I manage to squeeze out a 'Pleeease' in the end.

2. On the other hand, London cyclist don't take traffic lights thát serious. And I get it, because you have ma...

January 19, 2017

When you’re studying to become an environmental scientist, you learn about ‘the ecological integrity of environmental systems’. In the Netherlands, water bodies such as rivers get special attention. We have learned to leave their curves alone and plan around their natural flows and moods, as fighting it will inevitably end up in suffering through floods. As I’m jotting this down, these rivers start to sound like women’s bodies, which is a nice little bridge to what I really wanted to write about...

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