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With ample years of experience as a veterinary nurse in a feline specific clinic, I have encountered many cats showing problematic behaviour such as peeing outside of the litter box, aggression, neurotic behaviour or miaowing excessively. Over time, the number of people reaching out to me to help them with their feline trouble had increased exponentially, both in- and outside the clinical sphere. That's why I have started offering the Purrrfect Behaviour package deal in which I help caretakers to figure out the reasons behind their feline friends' behaviour so they can reset problematic behaviour and together find themselves in a Zen-like state again.


For the first consult I will come over to your home to get to know you, your cat and the problem(s) you are facing. I will investigate the physical, social and emotional environment of the cat, by asking you a thousand-and-one questions, observing the cat, your interaction and the set-up of your house. During this consult I will already give you some subjects to work on. The first consult takes about two hours.

You will receive a detailed report within a week, in which you will find all the observations and my advise on improvements. This report will also be sent to your veterinary practitioner, so that he/she will know what the recommendations are and possibly guide you through the process.

One month after the initial consult, we will have a Skype meeting in which we talk about how the first month went and how to proceed from there.

Experience shows that we will only need one face-to-face consult. However, if we both agree a second or multiple consults are advisable, we will make it happen.


I have worked as a veterinary nurse for over ten years in my home country The Netherlands. Next to treating dogs and smaller pets, my interest in cats and their behaviour developed quickly after adopting my own feline friend Lewis. Within one day of being house mates, I knew cats were the most intriguing animals man could ever (try to) domesticate. Later on he was consecutively, though shortly, joined by Dana and Mickey, two adopted elderly cats in need for a loving last stop. They taught me about respect for the elderly and acknowledging their wisdom - even if it is feline wisdom.

I have studied cats' behaviour intensively in both the clinical and private setting, reading (dare I say all?) the books you can find on feline psychology. From there on, I created my own pragmatic approach which is centred around the human-feline relationship. I have seen that much of the behaviour we humans see as problematic, is a natural, instinctive kind of behaviour for the cat.

My approach is founded on the belief that we should respect this natural behaviour and cater to the cat's needs in such a way that living together as man and feline is pleasant for both parties involved.

Moreover, because cats are so sensitive, they take over a lot of stress from their human caretakers. My experience as a yoga teacher will help with problems rooted in human stress.