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I walk dogs in small groups, with a maximum of four, but preferably in a duo. One of the conditions is that the dogs know each other and get along well. If they don't seem to like each other, they will not be put together in a group. Influenced by Winkie Spiers and Turid Rugaas' work on living together with dogs by respecting their natural behaviour and just letting them be dogs, my walks are inspiring, yet safe and always with a focus on letting your dog feel at ease.

Afterwards, I will bring your dog home, making sure he or she is dry, comfortable and content when you get back home.


As a long time nurse, I have ample experience taking care of both healthy animals and animals with a (chronic) illness. As opposed to many other pet sitters, I will always take my time with your cat when you are on a holiday, giving me the opportunity to observe and detect any irregularities in behaviour. Furthermore, part of my approach is that I adopt your schedule as much as possible, trying to keep your cat's feeding times predictable to limit stress.

Of course, pet care always comprises play and grooming, next to the standard feeding and cleaning.