Rachael, Michael & Otis

Sies is fantastic, she has made having a dog possible for us which is something we both really missed when moving to the City.

She is incredibly reliable and has an excellent knowledge of dogs. Sies takes the time to ensure she really knows your dog which makes trusting her to keep your dog safe when out and about easy. Our dog, Otis, is beside himself with excitement every time she pulls up outside the window, which is testament to how much he enjoys being out with her. We would recommend Sies to everyone.


Nicola & Freddie

No exaggeration, Sies is awesome. She is surely one of Freddie's most favourite people. He is always so so happy to see her, and her furry cohort! She takes care in which dogs she has together depending on what's going on for each of them which is great and I can tell the dynamic is good by how pleased Freddie is to trot off down the hall with them all. I appreciate the feedback I get if he is up to some behaviour, he's a teenager so it's an interesting time! I also love the pupdate pics from the walk. I am confident and content that he is in safe & kind hands. I know we are both grateful to have Sies in our lives!


Fiona, Joe & Titus

I feel so lucky to have found Sies. My puppy Titus is very wary around strangers, but a week in and Titus was cooing when Sies got here and giving her the biggest cuddles. Titus comes back absolutely blissed-out after her walks. Sies has an amazing dog-adapted cargo bike, so she gets to visit different spots every day e.g. nature reserves, the bank of the Thames, Southwark Park. Also, I get daily videos and photos of Titus enjoying herself which is incredibly reassuring!