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Made with love by Sieske Valk 2019 ©

Buying my daily portion of fresh fish for "my street cats" in Zanzibar


Money has never been my main focus and it will never be. I find it more interesting to connect people with other people and animals and find synergy.


I will always advice clients to adopt a new furry friend from their local shelter. As you can see in the clip I made with PINK! a few years back, most of them are not anti-social muts, but loving, enthusiastic healthy pups.

Next to this, I am offering my service as a dog walker and caretaker for a reduced price to elderly, who have difficulties walking their dogs and giving them enough exercise or grooming their cats properly.


I have chosen to teach easily accessible group lessons for my local community in Southwark, London, at InSpire at St. Peter's Church. The word 'Yoga' means 'to Unite', so my goal is to unite the community and make yoga accessible to all; no matter what age, gender, your religious or ethnic background or the amount of money in your wallet.

Finally, I believe in working together with other (young) starters. That’s why the logo has been designed by the wonderful illustrator Maria Wiersma. Furthermore, my CO2 footprint has been calculated by Petra and from REWIRE Sustainable Business Innovation.


I’m working towards making my business 100% green before the end of 2017. That is why the website is hosted by Greenhost, I am connected through my Fairphone and Ecotalk, and my bicycle is my main mode of transport. switched over to Ecotalk. I use biodegradable poop-bags during walks and only treat my “clients” to organic or natural snacks.