The price of a standard group walk with a maximum of six dogs per group is £16.50.


* I ask you to carefully read the Sies Dog Walking Terms and Conditions. 

Before our first meeting I will send you a copy with my full contact details to sign. For now you might like to know that...

* Cancelling has to be done with a minimum of 12 hours before the proposed care time. If cancellation occurs within the 12 hours of the proposed care time, 50% of the costs will be invoiced. If a dog is not present at the agreed address and time of pick-up, the full cost of one walk will be invoiced.

* Invoicing is done by the end of each calendar month. The total amount for the walks booked in each month are to be paid by bank transfer.

* I am fully covered by Pet Business Insurance, covering (amongst others) Public Liability, injury to the animals under my care and during transport and loss or theft of keys.


* We spend at least 45 minutes in the park. Your dog will be out of the house for 1 - 3 hours including pick up/drop off (depending on your address).


* Walk times are 11.15 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 14.15 on Monday - Thursday

and 11.15 - 12.00 on Friday.

These times are not set in stone as they depend on weather, traffic and the dogs' willingness to work with me.

* I do not offer dog walks on Friday afternoon or on the weekend.


* No distinctions are made between small or medium sized dogs. Large dogs can only be walked if they live within a five minute walk from either Southwark Park or Russia Docks Woodland as they will not fit in the e-cargo bike.​

* Due to safety and kindness reasons, I only walk dogs with a well fitting harness.