* The rates apply to Monday - Saturday, 9am - 6pm.

* Care for your Kitty visits on Sunday are subject to an added £10 fee.

* I do not offer dog walks on the weekend.


* There are no distinctions made between small or large dogs.

* Areas covered: 20km / 12.5 mile radius from SE15. The first 30 minutes travel time by bicycle (calculated by the Citymapper app) is included in the price. After that additional travels costs of £5 per 15 minutes will be invoiced (this calculation covers a return).

* Cancelling has to be done with a minimum of 12 hours before the proposed care time. If cancellation occurs within the 12 hours of the proposed care time, 50% of the costs will be invoiced.

* Terms & Conditions

** Excluding materials and always in coordination with your own veterinarian. I am legally not allowed to diagnose and I'm realistic and honest about situations in which your pet is too ill to be cared for at home.

Prices and Cancellation

Happy Puppy

Standard group walk

(45 minutes in the park) |£15.5

Care for your kitty

Administering medication, clipping nails, observation, general cleaning of litter box and feeding area, feeding, playing, cuddling and sending you an update (45 minutes in home visit) | Price starts at £25

Sick as a dog - or any other animal 

Bespoke care ** for when your pet is unwell and needs medical care at home, help with eating or medication prescribed by your own veterinarian | Please contact me for a quote.

End of Life care

Supporting you in taking care of your beloved pet in the final stage of their life**, by teaching you how to administer medication in  a calm and painless way, helping you through anticipatory grief and offering respite care when you need to get away for a few days | Please contact me for a quote.