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Midnight dog whispering

Source: J.M. Pett

After staying at the idyllic Alliance guesthouse in Nagar, tucked away high in the Himalayan mountains, J and I decided to move along before heading to hot and steamy New Delhi. We got recommended to go to Rewalsar, a Buddhist/Sikh/Hindu pilgrimage town set around a lake against a backdrop of millions of Buddhist prayer flags. A place where we could relax and rest up before making the overnight journey to Delhi...

Super tired and slightly sick from the bumpy and winding roads to our destination, we tried to fall asleep in our spartan rooms before ten pm. At 10.10 the barking started.

Various dogs seemed to have broken into our room, eaten my soundproof earplugs and started their war song next to our heads.

At 11pm I found out I wasn't the only one unable to sleep; J who's normally less sensitive to sounds also went crazy and at midnight I found it time to do something about the noise.

Going all 'dog psychologist' I reckoned there must be a reason why the four dogs in the monastery (where we slept) were barking for hours. So I went out and looked around. The gate was open, so first thing up: close gate to show them no intruder can come in anymore.

Looking up, I saw four hairy faces looking down at me from the rooftop, not quite sure what I was doing and why I was calling them. So they walked down the stairs, seeing I was one of them, a harmless naked (i.e. Not furry!) dog person and slowly started wagging their tails. The following conversation went a bit like this:

Me: why are you guys making such a fuss?! I want to sleep.

Older dog: ghumpf..hmmm..

Me: I know, but I want to sleep, I'm super tired!

One of the young ones [starts biting softly in my legs and arms]: wanna play?

[J stands in the doorway thinking I've lost it]

Me: why don't you guys come over to my place and stay outside the room and protect me by just laying there, quietly?

Older dog: hmmmkay, yawn.

J: they cannot stay outside the room Sies! They'll be barking even more and closer by!

Me: of course not.

We walk back to the room, the dogs settle themselves in front of the door, I wish them goodnight and then... Silence...