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29 going on 18

What do you do when you’re almost turning 30, you still (annoyingly) need to show an ID when buying wine and you just want something different… Obviously, you get a fringe!

I don’t really like it when strange people think I’ve just outgrown puberty, but I still thought changing my hairstyle to one women all over the world take to look younger, would be a good idea. Within three days of having that thing in my face and tired of ducking from something being thrown at me (oh no wait, it’s my hair), I’d had enough, bought some hair clips and am now sporting a very 50s-like crest.

Anyways, when I turned 29 last year I made a list of all the things I wanted to achieve by the time I turned 30. Although that is still two weeks from now, I can honestly say that I’m very proud of finishing this to-do list of almost 30 items!

I had split the list up into four sections: personal development, professional development, physical balance and home/financial matters and the items varied from drink at least two Litres of water per day, get a clear skin to see Paris/Indonesia/rural England, set up my own “caring company” and (re-) strengthen friendships with…

The last year was very turbulent for me. I moved back from Zanzibar to Amsterdam, got a new job, quit it, went travelling, became a yoga teacher, quit my house and sold a lot of my stuff, became an independent pet carer and yoga teacher, and am now planning to move to an entirely different city in a different country. And all that was accompanied by getting to know a very special someone, travelling together with him and moving in together… That’s a lot of personal development in a bunch!

The only constant in this whole ordeal was my cat Lewis, also known as my little Japanese Zen Garden.

But, I am so happy with all the changes and can’t name one negative thing about them. I live my life fuller, happier, lighter and more contented. Not having a steady income and not knowing where I will be living in two months (spoiler: it will be somewhere in London) is challenging at times, but I’m still enjoying the insecurity. I know I can pack up my stuff any moment I like and move. And Lewie, well he’s happy wherever he can spoon with me at night.

Because the changes I’ve made the last year are not as clear cut as the sections mentioned above, I have divided them under three pillars Living light, Flow, and Happiness. In the following four blogs I will shed some light on my three pillars of change. First up: Living light.