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London, May 2nd 2019

Sieske is an amazing dog walker and carer. She is very knowledgeable and is very in tune with Mo and how he is feeling.    She is very professional and responsive and Mo is always happy to see her. She has been instrumental and in helping him adapt to his new life in London.  She is also very flexible and great at communicating and updating me.   5 stars

Ben and Anna

London, May 2nd 2019

Sies was recommended by another happy client (friendly neighbours of ours) for our new little arrival named Bowie. Sies has been fantastic!! Her knowledge and caring nature immediately established a strong bond with our puppy. Sies is a regular walker for our dog and it continues to be a great experience for Bowie and reassurance for us as dog owners, that he is in good hands. Every day seems like a new fun adventure for our dog and we love the daily updates and photos. We would highly recommend Sies! 


London, August 8th 2018

Sieske is the first cat sitter I have used to look after Lily for a long weekend and she was wonderful. I left really worried my little lady wouldn't be ok on her own, but after a couple of days and lots of videos and photos later, I knew Lily was in safe and caring hands. When I returned I don't think Lily had missed me at all and she was beautifully groomed and content. I couldn't have asked for a better cat sitter to take care of Lily and I will definitely be using Sieske again. I know she will be in safe and caring hands.

Siobhan and Paul

London, July 31th 2018

Sies has recently started looking after our cat, Millie. Millie can be a bit grumpy and standoffish, especially as she is getting older. Sies understands this behaviour and has worked to establish a relationship with Millie. We can tell that Millie is comfortable with Sies because we come home to a relaxed, happy cat. And we don't worry about Millie when we're away because Sies stays in contact and lets us know what is going on. Sies is reliable, organised and professional and we would recommend her without hesitation.


London, July 8th 2018

We are so grateful that Sies was recommended to us to take care of our Musubi while we were away! We were nervous when looking for someone to take care of Musubi since she can be very shy with new people and is quite averse to change, but Sies was absolutely incredible. She managed to make Musubi feel very comfortable and she was happy and playing in no time. We also cannot stress enough how comforting it was to get daily updates from Sies... it made our holiday a pleasure. We would recommend Sies' services to anyone!


London, July 7th 2018

I knew Sieske was the right sitter for me since she walked in the door. The way she approached my cats, especially Tiara (former feral still wary of strangers) told me everything I needed to know: this is someone who understands how cats operate. Being an enthusiast of cat behaviourism myself, my eyes couldn't help but shine. The fact that she's also a veterinary nurse is the icing on the cake, as sadly two of my babies have feline leukemia and need someone who'll know exactly when to rush them to the vet and administer meds while I'm away. Add to that being organised, reliable and generally really nice to talk to and you'd be crazy not to have Sieske on your team. Me, Daisy, Tiara and Mr. Meowgi are thrilled to have her on ours.


London, June 28th 2018

I highly recommend Sieske. My two cats received the care and attention they needed, and Sieske is very friendly, trustworthy and dependable. She provides updates, detailed reports, and photos. You will not be disappointed! 

Johanna and Mark

London, June 26th 2018

Excellent experience; very professional and competent. Loved the added extras like getting updates on our phone.  The dogs were clearly very happy and well looked-after.

Thank you Sies, will certainly be in touch again, and recommend to others.


London, June 26th 2018

I felt reassured very quickly upon meeting Sies that our beloved house rabbit  Mr Johnny Cashmere was going to be in safe hands, she is very caring and professional. Whilst I was away she kept me in the loop with updates and lovely pictures, and I returned to a very happy rabbit and the place much tidier than expected! I would feel very relaxed leaving Johnny in her care again and can highly recommend her service.


London, January 16th 2018

Sies has been with us since we got Toby and we wouldn't be without her! She started off doing home visits and helped to train him until he was able to go out for walks. Now he is older loves going out walking with Sies, and he always comes back happy and tired! We would highly recommend her! She is reliable, professional and flexible and you can tell she really cares about the dogs she looks after. We get regular updates while he is on his walks and we really feel he is in good hands. Thanks Sies!


London, January 3rd 2018

I am really pleased that I found Sieske – she's been a godsend in taking care of my cats Henry and Charlie. Charlie needs medication twice a day and I felt so much better knowing Sies is a trained veterinary clinician and really knows what she is doing.  She did a great job of keeping me informed throughout my time away, which I really appreciated. I can't recommend her highly enough.


London, January 2nd 2018

I contacted Sieske to look after our cat Jackson over the Christmas holidays and she was extremely helpful and available. The handover of the keys was easy, we were kept updated with photos and videos of their time together, but above all we came back to a happy, relaxed and playful version of our boy. Will definitely be using Sies's services again and recommend her 100%.


London, January 2nd 2018

I would highly recommend Sieske to take care of anyone's beloved pet. As a dog walker for Scout, I find her to be organised and professional - you will find her to be reliable and always keep you informed about your pet and how he or she is doing.  More importantly, Sies is very attuned to the animals she works with and will work with you to provide the right level of care for your pet.  


London, October 31st 2017

We cannot recommend Sies enough. She has been walking Chumpie since he was a tiny pup - every time he comes home from a walk with Sies, he is happy, exercised and socialised with other pups. Sies is super reliable and we couldn't me more pleased.


London, October 17th 2017

We have been using Sieske's cat sitting services for three months so far. We have always found Sieske to be completely reliable and very responsive. We always look forward to receiving her photos and updates. Her veterinary training ensures she is a safe pair of hands if there should be any problem with Leo. We would find her very hard to replace!


London, October 10th 2017

From the outset, Sieske handled nervous, feisty Dot confidently and built trust with her quickly. She manages both my dogs confidently, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a gentle, competent and friendly dog walker.


London, August 21th 2017

Could not be happier with the service Sies provides. She's more than a dog walker providing advice on training and on the health of our pup. Instantly felt comfortable leaving him in her very capable hands. Love how she keeps us updated on what they're up to on their walk with pictures and messages. Most importantly our dog loves her too! 

Alex and Olivia

London, August 15th 2017

Sieske has been a lifesaver for us and we wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Our pet, Lisa, is an older dog and we have really appreciated Sieske's expertise, given her qualifications as a Veterinary Nurse. She has helped us by administering medication to Lisa and on advising us when Lisa needs to go to the vet.


Sieske is very trustworthy and conscientious. For example, she is good at telling us about any travel plans well in advance and even reminds us when Lisa needs to take particular medication! Sieske is also respectful of our home and we completely trust her with a key.

Most importantly, Lisa adores Sieske and it is clear that Sieske deeply cares about the animals that she looks after. When we walk Lisa after work she often pulls us towards Sieske's place to try to have an evening visit.


London, August 15th 2017

I was nervous arranging for someone new to look after my beloved Kimi, but Sieske was recommended by a local vet and took wonderful care of her. Sieske went above and beyond - she is a pleasure to deal with, met me (and Kimi) before we went away to run through Kimi's routine and her requirements, sent regular updates whilst I was away and I came home to find Kimi happy, well fed and beautifully brushed. I would have no hesitation highly recommending her.


London, August 14th 2017

Sies has taken excellent care of my big and loving labrador Muffin when I have been away. She is great at taking initiative, always finding new parks and fun ideas for her furry clients. I always come home to a happy and well exercised dog, and Sies has become more of a friend than anything else. Muffin and I both highly recommend! 


Amsterdam, October 22nd 2016

Sieske was my saviour. I had booked my holiday months in advance, but just a week before leaving my cat Kloon got jaundice. He had to get five pills per day; something he didn't agree with. I didn't manage to get all the pills in, so I knew my cat sitter wouldn't succeed either. I was about to cancel my holiday when the vet recommended Sieske. An excellent advice! Sieske immediately inspires trust from animals. She is very calm, trustworthy, loving and resolute. Kloon got his medication throughout the week and started eating better as well. She made the care more personal by sending me pictures and videos. This way I could enjoy my holiday in tranquility. Nothing but praise for Sieske. It's a big loss for the pets in Amsterdam that she has moved to the UK but I hope the animals in England will enjoy Sieske her company. 


Amsterdam, October 21st 2016

Sieske looked after my two old dogs, Sesha and Maya, who were are medium sized dogs in Amsterdam. She was lovely. The dogs really enjoyed their walk, and Sieske also brushed their coats beautifully! My dogs are quite old and thus had trouble walking down the apartment stairs and going for walks. Sieske was both very careful, skilled and very considerate about their well being and spent extra time and effort in making their walk enjoyable, following their pace and doing a slow walk around the area. Sieske also communicated very well in both Dutch and English and was extremely professional in her service, treating the dogs as if they were her own, which made it very nice for both me and my dogs. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has animals.


Amsterdam, October 23rd 2016

I had recently moved to Amsterdam and had a holiday booked already, and was so worried about leaving my two boys when they had already had their lives disrupted so much! Thankfully my new vets recommended Sieske and I'm so glad they did. She came and stayed in my place for the whole time I was away and I got sent daily pictures, videos and messages so I knew they were happy. It was a total weight off my mind and I'm really sad she is moving to London just as I found her! But I wish you good luck in your new adventure Sieske!


Amsterdam, September 22nd 2016

Many thanks Sieske for the care and attention you gave to Anush. It was way beyond just a cat-sit. It enabled us to understand her better in may aspects. Now I see that she still misses those days she spent with you...and we are slightly jealous....:-) She (and us for sure) will be very happy to welcome you for a coffee when you visit Amsterdam.


Amsterdam, September 21st 2016

I could have not felt more relaxed than leaving my two kitties with Sies during my holidays! She is super kind, sweet, reliable and has an extraordinary love and dedication! She is reachable and very communicative all the time, which also made me feel very relaxed as I was knowing all the time how they were doing and that they were enjoying the time with her and in very good hands.

My cats loved her and I would love to be able to have Sies taking care of them again during my next holiday! It just cannot be better:-)


Amsterdam, September 1st 2016

This summer holiday I couldn't rely on my neighbours to cat sit my love couple Sia and Mooz. Fortunately, the vet nurse recommended Sies and it felt like I won the lottery!

Sies quickly came by to meet us and the cats: the peacefulness Sieske radiated was very calming. And Sia and Mooz felt it too! Even Mooz, who normally doesn't take to strangers and hides, was looking for attention from her. I knew right then and there: Sia and Mooz are in safe hands with Sies. 

I chose the Polished Pet roomservice, including entertainment, during which she also fed them raw chicken necks, something I wouldn't dare to ask the neighbours to feed my cats. During the holiday, we received several videos and photos of them, in which the cats and Sies were playing. I knew they were happy.

What I liked a lot about it all is that Sieske is very calm and thorough, she thinks along about what is best for the animals and comes with suggesions and ideas. Sia and Mooz really benefited from this.

Amsterdam will be sorry to see Sies go, but we are happy for London. Thank you so much Sieske!


Amsterdam, March 2nd 2016

Sieske is the sweetest cat sitter! Plus, knowledgeable. My cat Mats loved her!


Amsterdam/Berlin, March 8th 2016

I'm very happy to have Sieske by my side: every time I need help with my dog - whether he ate something that made him ill, or whether his behavior could be improved - she always tries to finds a solution for me and my dog!

Gerinda - Veterinary

Utrecht, March 8th 2016

Sieske and I have worked together in a veterinary clinic for over 1,5 years. I always enjoyed working together. She will give 100% of her energy, has a keen eye for animal ánd human and has all the abilities of an all-round veterinary nurse. Taking care of animals is what she’s made for; with a lot of dedication, love and attention she have more eye for her patients than any other colleague I’ve ever worked with. One thing is for certain; whenever I’m going on a holiday, I know my pets are in the best of hands with Sieske.


Amsterdam/Utrecht, April 15th 2016

Sieske is a lovely, vivid woman who is caring for animals, as well as for their owners. When I had health problems , she offered to pick up my cat Max from my home to bring him to the vet, which was of great help. Also at other times I was glad I could call on Sieske to help out with the care of my diabetic Max.     


Amsterdam, March 4th 2016

Sieske has been taking care of my dog on a daily basis. From the first day on my Jack Russell felt secure and at home while in her care. It suffices to say that she met all my dog's needs in terms of leadership, exercise and TLC.

I never had to worry about anything, Sieske has proven to be very reliable, professional and flexible, which was a blessing given my work.

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