Hatha Flow is a style of yoga, which  encourages you to open in to the asanas, or poses, by connecting with the breath, releasing tension and moving deliberately. I use sequences in which you will flow from one pose to the other, speeding up the heart rate, but still keeping in check the alignment of the body and breath. Often we will hold asanas for a few long breaths, making it challenging for the body and mind by staying focussed. We will always end the class with some relaxation and breathing exercises, or Pranayama. This is a class suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners.​​

Chair Yoga is similar to Hatha Flow, but using the chair as the main supportive prop. This type of yoga is especially suitable for people who are less mobile.

I teach private and corporate classes where I will mix and match the types of yoga, depending on the student's abilities and wishes.

Private classes are perfect for beginners and improvers who want to know more about alignment before stepping into a yoga studio and people dealing with injuries or chronic illnesses. Corporate classes are ideal for companies looking for to invest in their employees by keeping them healthy and balanced, both physically and mentally.


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